It is both challenging and expensive to secure tickets for the upcoming Euro 2016 matches, especially the latter stages. Video Slots Casino promises to send a fortunate member to the semifinals in Marseille, while paying all the expenses. The one who wins the competition will get to pick a taking a trip companion, because two tickets are up for grabs.

Playing NetEnt's New Football: Champions Cup

Video Slots Casino has actually included a brand-new video slot to its nonstop collection of titles and this one is inspired by the beautiful game of football. Established by NetEnt, Football: Champions Cup is the video game that members must be concentrating on if they wish to win the tickets to the semifinals. A bet of 10 will lead to a token for the raffle, so gamers who bet larger quantities will get more entries, thus enhance their chances

All those who take part in the draw have the same odds of grabbing the tickets, as the winner will be chosen arbitrarily. The promo starts today, May 25 and will conclude 2 weeks later on June 9 at midnight, a few hours before the beginning of Euro 2016.

An All Paid Trip to Marseille This July

The semifinals are arranged for the last week of Euro 2016, so the lucky gamers will be traveling to Marseille in early July. The tickets are just the icing on the cake, as players will remain in an exceptional hotel for 3 nights with all expenditures being paid by Video Slots Casino. The package likewise consists of the return flights no matter the winner s location so they only need to have some spending money on them.

The winners will need to claim the aforesaid package, as there is no cash alternative and the rewards are not transferable. The one who emerges successful will be alerted by the casino 5 days prior to the closing date and advised when and where the prizes can be utilized.